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Video Archive 2012

Unless otherwise noted, messages are Sunday morning services presented by Wayne Parks.

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12/30 Sir, I Would See Jesus
12/23 The Shepherds: He Comes to the Lowly
12/16 The Prince of Peace
12/09 From Humbug to Hallelujah
(Sherpherds in the Field)
12/02 I Have a Testimony
11/25 I Smell the Rain
11/18 pm A Thankful Heart
11/18 am The Wind of God
11/11 A Door of Hope in the Valley of Trouble
11/04 One Word from God
(Opening moments of the service: A powerful presense of God, and a prophecy to the church and nation.)
10/28 Trust in the Lord
Moses Choudary, India Missions
10/21 The Protection of God (33rd Anniversary)
Drs. Chuck and Mary Ann Flynn
10/17 Anointing with Oil for Your Miracle
10/14 Unexpected Miracle (Part 2)
10/07 Unexpected Miracle (Part 1)
9/30 Christ in the Anointing Oil
9/23 It Ain't Over 'til God Says It's Over
9/16 Power to Slay Your Giants
9/09 Be Glad! The Lord Has Made this Day
9/02 God Will Put Streams Your Desert
8/26 Possessing the Grapes in the Land
8/19 The Sound of an Abundance of Rain
8/12 The Will of God
8/05 The Army of God
7/15 Facing Impossible Situations
7/08 Don't Move Until God Says Move
7/01 Jabez: Prosperity & Responsibility
6/24 Pastor and Deacon Ordination Service
6/17 pm Miracle Testimony & Prophetic Ministry
Evang. Julia LaPorta
6/10 Sitting at the King's Table
Dr. David Barker
6/03 pm Pentecostal DNA
6/03 am The Fire of God
5/27 The Power of Pentecost
5/20 Where the Power of God Is
5/13 How to Be a Godly Woman
in an Unglodly World

Mother's Day Service
5/06 The Bread of Life
4/29 A Portrait of the Blood of Jesus Christ
4/22 The Spirit of a Breaker
Prophetess Teresa Davis
4/08 The Five Miracles from the Cross
Easter Service
4/01 You Are Going to Make It
3/25 pm Miracle Service
Prophet J Raymond Starrett
3/25 am Holiness is the Password
3/23 2012 Women's Conference
Speaker: Helen Miller
3/22 2012 Women's Conference
Speaker: El pagnier K. Hudson
3/21 2012 Women's Conference
Speaker: Diane Mann
3/18 Crisis
3/11 Sow in Famine
3/04 I've Been Here Before
2/26 Jesus Is Like No Other Man
2/19 Jesus Is in the House
2/12 The Love of God
2/05 Midnight
1/29 The Blood of Jesus
1/22 Ugly Praise: Our Deliverance
1/18 Get to the House of God
Prophet Richard Hayes
1/15 An Unbelievable Combination
1/08 The Ram's–Horn Anointing
1/01 A Prophetic Look at 2012


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