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Angel Tree 2013 - Christmas
for unfortunate children

Since 2008 Full Gospel Church has engaged in an annual Angel Tree event, bringing joy to numbers of children in unfortunate circumstances. Below are representative pictures of the December 2013 event. We pray that you will find joy from the smile on the faces of these happy children.

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Angel Tree 2013 Rev. Emma Wright (wearing the Christmas hat)

Rev. Wright was director of Full Gospel's Angel Tree 2013 event.
Angel Tree 2013 The Angel Tree event opened with a Christmas worship service for the participants.
Angel Tree 2013  
Angel Tree 2013 The local director of Angel Tree spoke.
Angel Tree 2013 Pastor Parks presented a message of encouragment.
Angel Tree 2013 After the service, we provided a dinner and then gifts for the participants.

Here are just a few of the pictures that represent the families and children who were ministered to.
Angel Tree 2013 The families enjoyed a good meal.
Angel Tree 2013  
Angel Tree 2013  

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