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Bible Study

The files are in PDF format. Print them on your printer and complete the lesson. Please write neatly so we can read your answers. Mail the completed lessons to our ministry address. We will grade the lesson and return it to you. Send only one lesson at a time. Our mailing information is on our contact page.


About This Study

This course is designed to help you go through the entire Bible, learning some of the main aspects of the entire Scripture, but especially to see Christ in each book of the Bible. It is designed for those who desire to study the whole text of the Bible, and provides the basics that will help those who take this course on their way to a deeper knowledge of God and the Scriptures. To that end, there are we are attempting to accomplish in this study:

To see Christ in each book of the Bible.
To emphasize studies of certain characters in the Bible.
To look for lessons that can be applied in daily life.

This is a critical textual study that covers the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation. As you read through your Bible you will see Christ from start to finish--He is your Alpha and Omega. Some examples from Scripture bear this out:

  • In Genesis we have the first Adam, the beginning of sinful humanity. In Revelation we have the last Adam, Christ, who instituted redemption for sinful humanity.

  •  In Genesis we have Eve, wife of the first Adam, condemned. In Revelation, we have the Bride of Christ, redeemed and glorious.

  • In Genesis, we have Satan tempting and bruising. In Revelation, he is in the Lake of Fire, forever bruised and unable to tempt us again!

  • In Genesis the earth was cursed. In Revelation the earth is fully delivered from the curse.

  • In Genesis God took a Sabbath of rest from creating the world. In Revelation, God gives the Millennial Sabbath, a rest from wickedness.

  • In Genesis man is excluded from the Tree of Life. In Revelation, we have access to it.

  • In Genesis we have sin causing the first tears. In Revelation, our tears are forever wiped away.

Most questions are true/false, multiple choice, or fill-in the blanks. On the true/false questions, if any small part of a statement is false, mark the entire statement as false. (Many of the statements are only partly true.) The purpose for this is to help you become a careful reader of the Scriptures. Try your best to find the answers by using the Scriptures, rather than skipping around or using a concordance. The Bible version used is the King James Version (KJV). Using other versions is helpful for your understanding of God's Word, but be sure to use the KJV in answering the questions. May God bless you richly as you study to show yourself approved unto God (2 Timothy 2:15).

Full Gospel Church / Wayne Parks Ministries gratefully acknowledges the exhaustive efforts of Rev. Jeanne Taylor, who spent a year or so compiling this work for WPM in the midst of her regular supportive duties with this ministry. She has known Dr. Parks since their teen years in Virginia, when both were young in the ministry, and has dedicated herself over the years to the support of this ministry, both as a periodic employee, and as a Scriptural researcher for Dr. Parks. Her future Heavenly reward is obvious to those who have known her and have benefited from her work.

To begin the study, click the desired topic on the side bar on the right. We invite you print a copy of each lesson and do the Bible study.

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