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The Lord has ministered by the power of His Holy Spirit through Wayne Parks throughout his ministry. God is a healer and a miracle worker; and as Bro. Parks often says "We believe in miracles."

Below are some of the testimonies of what God has done under this ministry. Wayne Parks recognizes that all healing and miracles are credited to God Himself, and that no man can do these works under his own effort. But God has placed in the body of Christ apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers for the building up of the saints.

Here are just a few of the saints that can testify to God's miraculous workings in the body of Christ today.

Zachary and Henri Crockett
Prophetess Teresa Davis
Mother Ann Coleman
B.J. Edwards
Claudia M.
Lemeril Chilimonk
Pastor Frank

Zachary and Henri Crockett grew up in Full Full Gospel Church. These dear young men are like sons to me. Their precious mother, Sylivianne Hall is truly a witness to the prosperity of God as anyone. She worked hard and sacrificed as a single parent to raise her boys and to help them be successful, especially to get an education. Most of all, she and her boys stayed in church. And as they grew she saw the Lord's blessing in her sons' lives. Zach and Henri Crockett both entered and played football for the NFL. And Henri as already been to the Superbowl. God took two young boys living with a single Mom who served God, and blessed them with success in achieving a college education and a career in professional football. 
Evangelist Teresa Davis grew up with a speech impediment. She stuttered when she talked, and could not pronounce certain words. Worse, the doctors had told her mother she would be retarded all of her life. But something happened to change all that. She acquired and read a copy of Wayne Park's book Healing Keys, and claimed the promises from Scriptures that were printed in the book. God healed her! Today she is a dynamic evangelist with a prophetic gift from the Holy Spirit, and preaches and ministers healing and miracles under the powerful unction of the
Mother Ann Coleman has been a member of Full Gospel Church for many years. When she first came to Full Gospel, the doctors had told her not to lift over twenty pounds or she would be crippled for the rest of her life. As a home health aide, she was required to lift much more that that. Pastor Parks called her out during a service that she had attended, and under the prophetic anointing told her about her condition, and prayed for her. She was completely healed, and since 1991 has not suffered any related pain. She had been out of work about a year, but she went back to work and found herself able to life patients weighting 300 pounds and more. she was not crippled by her work, but was victorious in it! Praise God!

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B.J. Edwards grew up at Full Gospel Church. His mother Diane has been a member since B.J. was a young child. Her testimony below about her son is amazing. My name is Diane Edwards. When I first came to the church, my son B.J., who was 3 years old at the time, had a bad case of asthma. He couldn't run, play, or even laugh without having an attack. I was very protective of him, because every time [he became active] he would have an attack and fall out, which often meant a trip to the hospital. He was on every medication that an asthmatic child could be on--the liquid, the pills, the powder, the breathing machine--everything. He couldn't run and play with other children, and he had to wear protective clothing. We were in back-to-back revivals, and I would come and bring him to church. One night, when Pastor Parks was preaching on healing, my son said, "Mama, take me down there for Pastor to pray for me." So I brought him down, and Pastor rebuked the asthma, and told my son that he was healed by the power of God. In my limited faith, though, I tried and tried to get him to take the medicine, believing that God would answer prayer to make the medicine work. But my young son refused. I argued with him. And he argued back, and cried. Finally, my unsaved husband said, "Diane, if the child said that the pastor said that he was healed, he's healed!" I was shocked by what my husband said, and that I had such little faith. About a month later I noticed that when my son went out to play he wasn't falling out. So when he came back in, I asked him about it. He said, "Oh, Mama, I haven't had an attack in so long." Now, because of the asthma problems during his time with Headstart, the first grade teacher said that he would always be slow, and not be able to run with the other kids. Not only did B.J. play football four years, he played basketball three and a half years, and tried out for track. He has never had another asthma pill...or attack--and he stays in Boston in zero degree weather with no problem at all, where he is going to law school.

Claudia M., Hollywood, Florida, came
to Full Gospel Church because of our
radio broadcasts. Her story really
touches the heart. God truly is a
loving and kind God, as you can see
from the letter transcript below:

Dear Pastor Parks,

I am writing you to tell you why I appreciate your ministry; in particular, your radio ministry, which goes on day after day, morning and evening. And all I have to do to benefit is to turn on my radio and adjust the dial. I started listening before Easter (2001). I am manic-depressive, and because of multiple medical problems could not be medicated for that condition. Mornings were particularly difficult for me, having to shake off the despondency that crept in while I was sleeping. One day I found you at 8:45 am, and began to do my yoga practice to both you and Brother Kenneth Hagan. (I know, I may be the only person in South Florida doing her yoga stretches to Pentecostal ministers.) Your broadcast gave me the inspiration to believe that I could get through the day, and at night I knew in the morning you would be there again. And there was always your evening radio ministry to look forward to if it was a rough day. The anointing in your voice chased the craziness away. I am now [on medication], and am enjoying feeling somewhat sane and calm; and it's a great blessing just to relax. But I want to acknowledge to you that for those of us who are imprisoned, whether by bars or our own chemistry, the steadfastness of your voice coming from a little box in our environment twice a day means more that the un-imprisoned can imagine. There really is no overestimating the importance of those voices for people in need of a spiritual uplift and understanding. I thank you for your steadfastness, your loyalty to your anointing, and when needed, your asking of your congregation to raise funds for the broadcast. I am delighted to tithe to this ministry.
Sincerely,  Claudia M.

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Lemeril Chilimonk was lying in a hospital dying. Her Mom had been a member of Full Gospel for many years, and Lemeril attended as a child. Wayne Parks went to visit her, and when he heard the medical people talking of her not making it through the night, he was stirred up inside. He prayed the prayer of faith, and God delivered her from that death sentence. The picture at the left shows Lemeril one year later standing with Bro. Parks in the Sanctuary of Full Gospel. God is truly a healer.
Pastor Frank in Fort Lauderdale sent this letter. It has been edited for presentation.

Dear Pastor Parks,

I can remember being a child and having the opportunity to come into contact with you at one of your services. My late grandmother brought me along to attend. You picked me out of the all those people (I believe I was about 10 or 11 at the time) and prayed for me and told my grandmother, "God has a great call on this young man's life! He needs to be in church because God wants to prepare him to be a leader!" I can remember Grandma shouting and praising God for the words you spoke over my life and I can even remember feeling something as you laid your hands upon my head. Needless to say, I left that service never to be the same. Many prophecies went forth concerning my life during my childhood, but two I can remember vividly and yours being one of the two.
Even though I strayed away from the Church as I got older God has since  provided me with a safe return and brought me into His calling and choice to be among "Pastors according to His heart that shall feed His people with knowledge and understanding." A little over a year ago, my father, who was bishop, turned the Church over to me.

The last time I saw you in person was at a service of some type that my father was hosting at our church. You and a few other great men of God were present that night. Occasionally, I have that opportunity to catch you on the radio while I'm at work, and it's always inspirational.

Thank you, man of God, for your laying hands upon my head way back then and still being available for me to be a part of today. Many have come and gone, but you are still here! God bless you and your ministry! Blessings to you, God's ambassador.

With love, Pastor Frank L.

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