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Media Outreach:
Radio, TV, and the Internet

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Through the years, Wayne Parks has maintained a media outreach to see people saved, delivered, and blessed by the power of God. He has been on various radio and TV stations around the country, and currently has a large radio audience in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida, area which includes the Bahamas.

As well, our Internet web site has experienced activity from people all around the world, from Eastern Asia to Europe, the West Indies and across America, and from the islands in the Pacific. Our web ministry reaches around the globe, and our audio presentations as well as our Bible Study and other written materials have ministered to many. (In fact, we have been notified that a missionary group in an island country is translating our Bible Study for use in their local language.) And we continue to add such items as new inspirational messages and links to important Bible materials outside of our own site.

We truly want to minister to you through media outreach. Below are some pictures taken of Pastor Wayne Parks at a telethon in Dallas, Texas.

As one speaker is preparing the hearts
 of the people by pointing out aspects
of the power of God, Pastor Parks is
holding some of the prayer requests.
Wayne Parks continues to hold the prayer requests as all of the guests pray for those who have called in.
Intercession in prayer is the key
 to your needs being met.
Corporate prayer is very powerful. Wayne Parks and the other guests unite for the prayer needs of the telethon partners.
Final encouragement to believe God is
given as Pastor Parks listens to the words of comfort going out over the air waves.
Pastor Parks stands between another guest of the telethon, W.V. Grant, Jr. (left), and the station owner Dr. Avedano (right). The Lord truly blessed the people who called in, and blessed the television ministry working
hard to get out the Gospel..

More About Us