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Our Church Family

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We want you to know who we are. Here you can see our worship, our activities, and our fellowship.

Our Worship

We are a family. A church family. We want you to know that we come together to worship the Lord, and we enjoy fellowship with each other. Here is a quick glimpse into the heart of Full Gospel Church.

Our church family was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in October 1979. We moved to our current facilities in the early 1990s
We enjoy the Presence of the Lord. It is His Spirit which brings joy and encouragement to our souls, binds us together as one, and strengthens our hearts to believe God.
We love to praise God in the sanctuary.
The Lord inhabits the praises of His people.
We experience the blessings of His wonderful and joyful Presence in the services during praise and worship.

Our Activites

As a family we are involved in our church.

There are Bible Studies and Sunday School. Here is a class of graduates from a special series presented to a number of members who enrolled. We also have a weekly Sunday morning Bible class for adults just prior to the Sunday morning service
A number of our young people are involved in the youth choir.
We have two choirs. Our main choir, and an all women's choir. They are backed by a number of musicians to lead the church into praise and worship of the Lord.
We have special events of praise and worship. Singing here are the Gospel Travelaires, comprised of the Smith brothers, members of our church, and transplants from the Bahamas. 

Our Fellowship

We want you to know that family is important. Life is too short to ignore family. And it is just as true with the church family. The Apostle Paul wrote not to forsake the assembling of yourselves together. There is strength from coming together to worship. And there is a family bonding that occurs in good solid fellowship. The strong friendships in a good church family can be of great importance during difficult times, and a wonderful source of joy. Jesus said that he came to give us life, and that more abundantly. Church family associations have a way of adding to a fulfilled life.

Mother Parks and son, Pastor Wayne Parks, together with Angel.
Henri and Zachary Crockett, who grew up in our church—both of whom entered the NFL—are handing out Easter baskets to the children after the Easter Egg Hunt.
Christmas at Full Gospel is a time for remembering and honoring the birth of Jesus Christ, who is the Reason for the Season, and of sharing with our family. We usually have a Christmas event, such as a special choir presentation or Christmas play. But we also are able to share with others who are in need with special "Christmas care packages" of food.
We have been blessed over the years with various church family gatherings. We have roller skated and shared dinner on the church grounds. Here we are at a local park on the Fourth of July.
Rev. David Smith (left) and Deacon George Smith (right) are working on Pastor's home. 


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